Staging Solutions has PRIDE!

Staging Solutions has a visible legacy of support and involvement with LGBTQ+ events and initiatives. Creative director Alan Lett has designed floats for Houston’s PRIDE parade for several years running, and Staging Solutions is proud to host these large-scale projects in our 20,000 sq ft scenic shop.  


Alan’s creative design in developing PRIDE floats is innovative and tech-savvy. Yet every year there is an opportunity to deepen the experience with the inclusion of personal stories and appearances. The exuberant participation of sponsors’ employees, friends, and family members only makes the float more extraordinary, and the parade more exciting. 


Who better to explain our process than Alan himself? Here’s what he had to say.


How, exactly, does this magic happen?

“When there was a theme or key visual in mind, we used that as a jumping-off point for conceptualizing what the float could be. So while the themes varied through the years, the heart of the story we’re telling remains to create something that declares support for the sponsoring organization’s LGBTQ+ members and their families.”

2016 Pride | Microsoft | Concept Render

2016 Pride | Microsoft | Final Experience


How is Staging Solutions a uniquely qualified partner for projects like this?


“Designing and building a parade float is creating a stage on wheels. The disciplines required for building unique and memorable scenic environments for a stage or client showcase are the same ones needed here: Purposeful design, bold technology implementation, craftsmanship, and safety. We use these tools to bring the floats to fruition, and they are at the heart of every project that comes through our doors.”

2017 Pride | Pure for Men | Concept Render

2017 Pride | Pure for Men | Final Experience

2017 Pride | Microsoft | Concept Render

2017 Pride | Microsoft | Final Experience

How else did these campaigns benefit from Staging’s expertise?


“Staging has hosted several mixers celebrating PRIDE month. These events are sometimes thematically tied to the floats we’ve created, but they also feature set design and production support of live performances, including lighting and sound design.  We’ve also included additional technology-driven activities.


We also designed and produced the accompanying videos, allowing the featured sponsors and participants to showcase the event, the theme, the reasons to be involved, and – most importantly – the love and support that brings the community together. 


After sitting out 2020 due to the pandemic, we are excited for a joyus return of the PRIDE parade in fall 2021, and we’re eager to partner with sponsors and produce Pride floats and supporting media.”

2018 Pride | Microsoft | Concept Render

2018 Pride | Microsoft | Final Experience

2019 Pride | Microsoft | Concept Render

2019 Pride | Microsoft | Final Experience

Check out PRIDE campaigns from 2016-2019, and fasten your seatbelt for 2021’s festivities in the fall!