Experiential Marketing

Accelerating a Reaction

To activate something in chemistry is to accelerate a reaction.

We believe the same to be true with brands.

Event marketing provides a unique opportunity to reach your customers in a tangible way where they are comfortable. We construct each event and trade show into a series of impactful touch points. These touch points can be used to motivate, to educate, or simply to entertain.

Immersive & Impactful

We create an environment that embraces your audience from the moment they arrive, and communicates messages that stay with them after they leave. We craft innovative ways to engage, entertain, and educate through direct experience.

Interactive Environments

Virtual Reality

Experiential Marketing

Projection Mapping

Captivating presentations

Pop-up Installations

Put the Phone Down

The increased use of smart devices has given speakers, presenters, and exhibitors a run for their money. We are driven by creating experiences that encourage jaded audiences to sit up, listen up and take an active role in their surroundings. We believe creative strategy and bold problem solving are the differences between an event headed for greatness and one destined for mediocrity.


Pick the Phone Up

Handheld technology is not always a distraction: it can be a direct bridge to your target audience. We find creative ways to use social media, mobile apps, and interactive environments to create a true brand experience. We make selfie-worthy activations that drive people to snap a picture and share it. A simple tweet from the right person is infinitely powerful for your brand.


Expanding the Event Lifecycle

We help our clients find innovative ways to impact guests during the time leading up to an event and even weeks after. Successful events are usually the product of initiatives, undertaken months before, like microsites and social media campaigns. Not only can these increase the attendance of events but there are ways to ensure the right people are hearing your message.

Marketing Campaigns

Promotional Campaigns

Social Media Integration

Email Marketing

Web Design & Development

App Design & Development

Event Microsites

Tracking & Analytics

High Fives
Social Shares

Our Process

1. Discover

We get to know you, understand your goals, and work as part of your team.

2. Define

We present our understanding with ideas that will make your vision a reality.

3. Design

We work to adapt your vision to your budget; to create the look and feel of your event or media piece.

4. Develop

We integrate design ideas with your messages, to maximize both clarity and impact on your audience.

5. Deploy

We ensure that your event happens on time, is flawlessly executed, and stays within your budget.

6. Deliver

After your event is over, we review how it went and look for additional ways maximize your investment.