Cast and Crew

You have a great story,
together we bring it to life.


Jonathan Sterchy
Vice President & General Manager


Constance Harris
Director Business Administration and Payroll
Aaron Lehrbass
Business Operations Manager


Donjia Gale
Director of Marketing
Rusty Bumgardner
Sales Producer/ Account Executive
John Fisher
Sales Producer/ Account Executive
Dave Lawson
Sales Producer/ Account Executive
Tersh Raybold
Sales Producer/ Account Executive

Live, In-Person and Hybrid Events

Sean McCarthy
Creative Director, Events
Tim Griffith
Director of Technical Design
Mark Perkinson
Technical Director
Elias Swinehart
Technical Director
Drew Connor
Production Manager
Tim Yager
Production Manager

Experiential Marketing and Branded Environments

Kellee StClair
Creative Director, Environmental Design and Fabrication
Reed Armbruster
Technical Design and Construction Coordinator
Navyl Najera
Technical Design
Clemente Gallegos
Warehouse and Fabrication lead

Interactive Media, Video Production and Content Creation

Tim Thomson
Creative Director, Storytelling
Alan Lett
Creative Director, Motion Theory
Scott McClennen
Senior Media Producer
Elena Coates
Senior Media Producer and Creative Director
Edward Ruedemann
Media Systems Manager
Ian Leonard
Director of Photography and Media Production Specialist
Joshua Blenman
Graphics and Motion Designer
Ross Van Balen
Graphic Designer

Staging Solutions @ GRB – George R. Brown Convention Center

Brian Hellstrom
General Manager at GRB
Rosanna Campos
Senior Sales Manager
Dejoi Davis
Sales Manager
Ted Doolittle
Business Administration Manager
Christina Daniel
Operations Manager
Jeremy Hahn
Production Manager
Orlando Sepulveda
Production Coordinator