Virtual Event Production


By now we know that working remotely is productive, and that you can move your business forward in spite of logistical challenges. When it comes to bigger meetings or large-scale events like the ones you usually attend in person, a virtual panel discussion or multi-day meeting can meet your objectives and exceed your expectations!


Virtual event production of any size, with any number of presenters or panel members, with or without an audience, anywhere in the world.  The holistic approach at Staging Solutions maximizes your investment and adds value to your business by engaging – and expanding – your audience.

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Focused on Production


We produce virtual events featuring presentations of any size, with any number of presenters or panel members, with or without an audience, anywhere in the world.


Seamless access across desktop, web, and mobile capabilities puts the focus on your content, and maximizes opportunities for your audience to tune in and participate. 


Cutting-edge interactive features engage viewers, and allow you to gather information, measure learning, and capture feedback.  You can also provide additional components like webinars and podcasts, or integrate these components into your broadcast.  


Your viewers deserve to be dazzled – as they would be at a live event!  Our design capabilities ensure the clarity and quality of your message on whatever platform you choose.

Transition your In-Person Event into the Virtual Realm

A modern studio setup designed for a virtual conference, featuring a presenter standing on a circular stage with a large screen behind displaying the 'In Sight User Conference + Expo 2020' branding. The studio includes truss structures with lighting, colorful wall graphics, potted plants, and red chairs, creating a vibrant and professional environment for virtual events.A large conference or gala event setup featuring a stage with two large screens displaying 'In Sight One' branding. The room is elegantly arranged with round tables covered in white tablecloths and set with silverware and glassware. Blue and green lighting illuminates the stage and the room, creating a sophisticated and professional atmosphere. Truss structures with additional lighting are positioned above the stage.

If you already had an event on the calendar, we can help you maximize your investment by transitioning your designs and content into the virtual event production space. Attendees who have your event on their calendars can participate from their remote locations, and access everything they would have received in person – and more!


Adapting room designs to studio spaces that accommodate one or a few presenters keeps your branding and event identity crystal clear, and provides exceptional visuals for your audience with the quality and consistency of a prime-time broadcast.  We can design and fabricate original set pieces as well as adapt existing ideas to a new setting.

Additional presenters from remote locations can be included virtually, and maintain the depth and variety of your original agenda.  Breakout sessions and other ancillary activities can also be included, to retain the original scope of your event.  


Best of all, the event can be accessible to those whose schedules or budgets prohibited in-person attendance.  Your audience can become even bigger, and your message can go farther, by transitioning to a virtual format.  Post-event deliverables and content can be made available to your specifications, further extending the impact of your event.

Virtual Pre-Recorded

All presenters are in remote locations and can be mixed with pre-recorded segments that are delivered live in one cohesive program.

Studio Live Broadcast

Presenters are in one location where they can interact together and the show is delivered live. A host or group of hosts can anchor the program. The studio at Staging Solutions is available as a hosting location; alternatively, the broadcast can be hosted from any location such as a corporate office or a hotel ballroom. 


This event combines the virtual and studio broadcasts where some presenters are in a studio or in front of an audience and some presenters are remote or pre-recorded. The program is delivered live including studio, remote and recorded presentations and is developed to engage both live and virtual audiences.

Virtual Event Production Set Design


Shooting on a physical set in a studio or adding a virtual or green-screen background at your remote location will set the tone of your event. Visual consistency will add excitement and cohesiveness in a way that focuses attention on content and presenters.


We can provide a physical set at our Houston studio location; we can also construct and ship a custom design, or send a design to be built on location anywhere the world via our partner network.  If virtual is your preference, we can design and provide digital files and ancillary equipment compatible with your setup.


  • Physical set design with decor and furniture
  • Programmable LED backdrop and custom digital content
  • Green screen virtual environment design and live technical implementation



Build excitement and anticipation to engage your audience and let them know your virtual event will be bigger and better in every way. 


Implement a strategic Pre-Show plan that builds on your marketing techniques and incorporates virtual tools: Start with an interactive invitation and registration program, include an integrated social media campaign and engage your audience months or weeks prior to your event. Keep the momentum throughout the experience with a custom app, and maintain contact beyond the event with on-demand viewing and additional digital content.  


Embrace this opportunity to build your audience!  Without travel constraints, and with the ability to re-play content for anyone with scheduling conflicts, you may have more attendees than ever.

Video Production


Our full service video production department is at your service, and thrives in a virtual environment.  All of the components we create can be explored by visiting our Video Production page, and here are some ideas that will enhance your virtual event beyond expectations:


Teasers and trailers like the ones that herald the release of an anticipated feature film enhance your marketing campaign and generate interest.  These tools can be custom designed or use assets you already have.


An opening video launches your event, and sets the tone for your general session.  It can be complemented with content videos that jazz up your general session and create memorable content and seamless transitions.


Whatever your media needs, either for your event or for other stand-alone purposes, we’re here to help.


Good slides can bring ideas to life.


We are experts at presentation design. Your audience deserves to see your message at it’s best. Surprise them, delight them, and impress them with our strong design, thoughtful animation, and customized assets. 


With outdated Clipart icons, cheesy animation, cringeworthy stock photography or slides packed corner-to-corner with too much information, your message may be falling flat without the right visuals to back it up. We are here to help.

Broadcast Graphics Package


Energize your live broadcast event with dynamic graphics and animation. In cable broadcasts, the various feeds of TV anchors, scores and stats, and transitions in-and-out of commercials all flow together seamlessly within a well-designed graphics package. It’s not only about giving your experience a professional, consistent aesthetic but also about keeping the tempo and excitement up while the event moves along.

Sponsorships & Commercials

Do you have sponsors who like to be recognized?  We’ve got you covered!  Commercials and sponsor highlights that are thematically integrated with the look and tone of your event recognize the sponsors who made the event possible.


Partners and event exhibitors can get the same visibility, or more, during virtual events, trade shows, and broadcasts. Built in revenue opportunities can be creative and strategic through a well planned marketing plan that includes Sponsorship and commercial opportunities. 

From custom landing pages to lower third video integration, sponsors and partners can be highlighted during:


  • Opening Experiences
  • Interstitials
  • Mini Series
  • Pre Recorded Presentations


Brand or Partners Commercials during speaker breaks for event breaks during a virtual broadcast elevate messaging opportunities.

Maximize Your Investment



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