Alan Lett

Since January 2015, Alan has been managing and executing clients’ creative visions with finesse as the creative director of Staging Solutions, Inc. His aptitude for seeing projects through with great detail and care comes from his seasoned experience working in the creative field. Previously to leading creative initiatives for Staging Solutions, he owned his own production company, Letthead Productions, for more than 11 years. During that time, he simultaneously worked as the production manager for Ward & Ames Special Events for five years, as well as the retouching specialist to Farrah Braniff Photographs for about a year.

As the creative director of Staging Solutions, Inc., Alan aspires to reach the same goal for each and every client: to execute the client’s creative vision with maximum fidelity. He leads creative efforts in video, animation, scenic design, and virtual reality, as well as provide art direction and resource allocation. He is a sort of intermediary between media and production departments, as he facilitates communication between the two and manage client feedback, updates, and expectations. Additionally, Alan provides descriptions and oversees the creation of illustrations for creative proposals.