Scott’s Tips #3: Improve the sound quality in your home office

1. Throw a rug or blanket on your hardwood floors

2. Sign in to only one computer

3. Hang a towel, clothes, or a blanket in front of you 


Like so many of us you are still hosting, listening to, and managing one video call after another from your home office or workspace. Back in March you probably thought your home-work situation was temporary, so you grabbed an old chair, a make-shft desk and an extra monitor, and squeezed everything into your reading nook or dining space.  


And, if you’re like most people, the sound quality in that space is not great.  We’ve provided ideas for overall presentation and a few cookie tips to help your lighting; now it’s time to pay attention to audio, so you can sound like a Pro in your next online meeting!


Sit at your desk and look down: If you have hardwood or tile floors, cover them! Spread a rug or blanket on the floor under your chair and desk to absorb the reverberating sound waves. This softens your background noise, and helps you sound clearer to your audience.


Remember: Avoid the feedback loop and sign in on only ONE computer or smartphone!  This prevents the echo effect caused by one computer picking up the output of sound from the other computer’s speakers.


If you continue to hear an echo or the sound is still not perfect, try making a sound booth. Use a couple of ladders or tall chairs and put a pole (broom, mop, etc.) in between them at or above the top of your head while you’re sitting down to make a rack. Hang clothing, blankets, towles – anything soft – over the pole (If you use dresses, don’t tell your wife.) to absorb the sound reflection. Put the rack in front of where you normally sit to catch your voice, but be careful not to cover up your 3-point lighting. Voila – a homemade sound booth!


With soft surfaces below you and an absorbent rack in front of you, you’ll be the best-sounding participant at your meetings. And one more thing: Remember to sit close to your mic. 


For more information on improving your home office or to find more great tips from our Media Department, visit here.  

Scott McClennen

Scott McClennen is both production manager and sr. media producer who calls shows, directs and edit video and audio files.  Check out his full bio to learn more.