Tent Event for HoustonFirst Rodeo BBQ Contest

The Challenge: Elevate a Typical Tent Event


To transform a conventional tent at the Houston Rodeo World’s Championship Bar-B-Que Contest into a unique, branded experience for HoustonFirst.


The objective was to elevate a standard tent setting into an immersive environment that not only entertained guests but also fostered networking opportunities in a space that resonated with HoustonFirst’s identity and the vibrant spirit of the event.

The Solution


Embracing the project with the enthusiasm fitting for our sixth year at the rodeo, we approached the task with a playful mindset: this was indeed not our first rodeo. The creative concept was to channel the eclectic and vibrant essence of the Last Concert Cafe, a beloved Houston landmark known for its colorful and lively atmosphere. This inspiration was pivotal in transforming the tent into a space that mirrored the cafe’s distinctive look and feel, creating an authentic Houston experience.

  • Experience design
  • Event production
  • Art direction
  • Construction management
  • Custom fabrication
  • Print and signage management
  • Game assets
  • Logistics and trucking
  • Installation/strike

The Impression


Guests were first greeted by an eye-catching facade featuring a custom “Houston” neon sign, setting the tone for the unique experience awaiting them inside. The outdoor patio area, designed to offer a vantage point to observe the event’s liveliness, provided a seamless transition from the external excitement to the interior’s immersive environment. Inside the tent, the vibrant “faux-graffiti” murals, bright flags, and an interactive dance floor encapsulated the dynamic spirit of the Last Concert Cafe, offering guests a sense of escapism and a burst of Houston’s cultural flair.

The Impact


The design and execution of the tent event significantly enhanced the guest experience, fostering an environment conducive to networking and enjoyment. Feedback from HoustonFirst and attendees underscored the success of the event in creating a memorable and impactful experience.

The Process: From Tent Event to Branded Experience


Discover: Initial discussions with HoustonFirst identified their vision of a branded, festive environment that would stand out amidst the bustling BBQ contest.


Define: Establishing clear objectives, we aimed to design a space that was not only visually appealing but also functional, facilitating guest interaction and networking.


Design: Under the guidance of Navyl Najera, the design process drew inspiration from the Last Concert Cafe, aiming to replicate its iconic ambiance within the tent. This phase was crucial in setting the direction for the visual and interactive elements that would define the space.


Develop: Detailed plans and prototypes were created to ensure every aspect of the design was aligned with the client’s vision and the event’s goals.


Deploy: The installation process was meticulously managed to ensure every element was executed flawlessly, from the iconic red doors to the interactive dance floor.


Deliver: The final result was a captivating and immersive environment that elevated the overall experience of the HoustonFirst Rodeo BBQ Contest, reflecting Staging Solutions’ commitment to excellence and innovation in event design and production.

A digital render of HoustonFirst's event tent, labeled 'Last Concert Cafe,' featuring a colorful and festive design. The tent is adorned with vibrant papel picado banners and illuminated with string lights. The facade includes a green awning over the entrance, bright pink and green lighting, and various decor elements to create an inviting atmosphere. The interior is visible through the open entrances, showing tables and chairs arranged for guests. A bustling scene at HoustonFirst's rodeo tent, with people walking by and engaging in activities. The tent is decorated with colorful banners and lights, creating a festive atmosphere. The sign above the entrance reads 'HoustonFirst,' and the exterior features vibrant colors and welcoming decor. The sky is painted with warm hues from the setting sun, adding to the lively ambiance of the event.