CERA Week 2024: Branded Environment for “Agora” Area

Project Overview


The challenge was to support the complete transformation of the 3rd-floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center, aiming to fully immerse guests in the world of CERAWeek.


While the main Executive Conference was held at the Hilton Hotel, conveniently connected to the convention center by skybridges, we focused on the “Agora” area. This space was situated on the third floor of the George R. Brown Convention center hosted networking, sponsor activations, breakout sessions, and branding experiences outside the main session.


We managed the print production, installation and strike of over 13,000 square feet of vinyl. We also providing rigging and event production management services for the main “Agora” area as well as setting up truss structures in Exxon Mobil’s Customer Lounge.


What is CERA Week?


CERAWeek is a annual event where experts and leaders from different fields came together to talk about the future of energy. They discuss how to change the way we use energy to be better for the planet, while also making sure it’s affordable and available for everyone. The conference was a chance to share ideas and plan how to tackle these big challenges as the world works toward using energy in smarter ways.

Exxon Mobil Truss Structure: Before and After

A setup in progress for an event production with various rigging equipment, a tall red ladder, and black truss structures in a spacious room with checkered flooring. The room is well-lit with ceiling lights and has black and yellow safety tape marking areas on the floor.

Customer Lounge Signage

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