Best Restaurants Across the Nation: A Guide for the Corporate Traveler

Airplane tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars. For our creative directors, producers, technical directors, and other team members called to a show site, living on the road becomes the norm. We love getting to see the world for our clients and deliver the best work, no matter the zip code. After an amazing week of work, all we want is a good meal in whatever city we find ourselves in.


We put together some of our favorite restaurants around the country that make any city feel like home. Our picks are just as eclectic as our team! From hole in the wall finds to historical institutions, Staging Solutions, a Houston event company, knows how to work hard and eat even better. Join us city to city and try not to end the list too hungry.



Shaw’s Crab House
Find a spot at the Oyster Bar and enjoy fresh seafood and mouth-watering oysters. The king crab appetizer, ‘Crab Bites’ is the absolute best. Come for the food, stay for the live music.

The Gage
Located across from Millennium Park, The Gage is the go-to place if you are working in the Harris Theater or the Palmer House Hilton. We simulated the Paris Opera Ballet for the Harris theater to a giant video screen on the lawn of Millennium Park. The ornate ballroom at the Palmer House was the backdrop for a Shell Distributors meeting that was capped with a full costume roaring ‘20 party to send off the attendees.

The Purple Pig
Great food! The best time to get a seat is when the timeline for the show runs long and you are in between peak meal times. Shaw’s Crab House, The Gage, and The Purple Pig are all within walking distances from the Harris Theater and the Palmer House Hilton!

Gene and Georgetti Steakhouse

When our summer shows roll around with our Chicago-based clients, we cannot wait to hit up our favorite steakhouse. The oldest steakhouse in Chicago with a rich history, Gene & Georgetti have serviced customers from Frank Sinatra to Will Ferrell. The food is incredible but they also make an amazing Old Fashion.



Union Oyster House

Are you ready for even more history? Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in the US. So of course it’s one of our favorite stops when we’re serving clients in New England. Pro-tip? They opened up a location in the Boston Logan Airport and it’s amazing too!


New York City

Keens Steakhouse
Go here after the close of a successful event. Established in 1885, it is an amazing throwback in time. You know from the aroma of beef roasting when you walk in that it’s a steakhouse. It is walking distance from the Gotham, a 1922 bank building and amazing venue where we produced a new product release for Shell oil to the automotive press.

A new restaurant that just opened in the Flatiron District (soft opening this summer) that is transplanted from great success in Houston where sister restaurant, Indika, has been a fixture as the white table cloth Indian food scene for many years. Indian breakfast and lunch with dinner service soon. Great Indian Fusion food. Where else can you get Indian breakfast? We love our Pondicheri in Houston and the New York location is sure to be just as much of a hit.

Las Vegas
While most people go to Vegas to enjoy the shows, we go to make them happen. Our very own David Williams found himself producing a show in Las Vegas on his birthday four years in row. So how did he manage to celebrate? Carnevino every time. Classic Italian marries solid steakhouse in this Vegas favorite. And don’t forget about the wine!


Brasserie 19
As a Houston event company, there are too many favorites in Houston to name but one of our favorite places for any day of the week is Brasserie 19. We love picking up our clients from the airport and heading over to Brasserie 19 for an evening of upscale food and wine.


Café Tu Tu Tango
If the bright colors don’t sell you, the delicious food will. We’re excited to revisit one of our favorites when we make a trip to Orlando for The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

Hawaii – Honolulu

Side Street Inn
Staging Solutions Hawaii certainly brings us incredible views and clients we love. But when we’re looking for a good hole in the wall to get together with other industry professionals, Side Street Inn is the perfect stop. With a local feel and family style dining, grab your group and feel like a local.

Washington DC

Old Ebbitt Grill
We may not have been going to this historic restaurant since it’s opening (considering it’s been around since 1856) but Staging Solutions has been a longtime patron of this DC favorite. We make sure to stop in for every DC trip we take. The people watching is almost as good as the food as politicians and other movers and shakers also frequent Old Ebbitt Grill.


We love working at the Nashville Convention Center. And when we’re ready for an amazing meal, we head to Etch. With an eclectic menu, it never disappoints. Enjoy the ambiance and relax with one of their incredible cocktails.

Hartford, CT
City Steam Brewery
When we’re ready to blow off some steam after a show (pun intended), we’ll head to Hartford’s City Steam Brewery for some food and a great beer. This cool spot includes a train whistle mounted on top of the fermenting tanks that makes a sound when the tanks are releasing pressure. Of course our techies love the creativity of the Brewery.