When the Ordinary becomes Extraordinary


Braskem ABM: A Live Virtual Broadcast

The year 2020 was a big one for Braskem. The largest petrochemical company in the Americas and the world’s leading biopolymer producer, they were working hard to meet the needs of medical manufacturing customers for the production of respiratory masks and protective medical gear. Their quarterly meeting, which included the inauguration of the newly opened Delta production facility in La Porte, Texas, would host a much larger audience of employees, community leaders, dignitaries, and executive shareholders than usual.

The Challenge

In 2020, this annual in-person event was transitioned to a virtual environment. That meant the roster of presenters during the multi-day conference, including segments featuring up to eight presenters at a time, as well as the interactive segments meant to stand in for face-to-face experiences, needed to be engaging and compelling on a laptop screen.


In addition to that, everyone was bracing for the impact of a hurricane headed toward the Gulf Coast, and a tropical storm barreling toward the Eastern Seaboard.


In the context of these multiple, extraordinary events, how can Braskem be sure that the show WILL go on?

The Solution

Staging Solutions has broadcast events for our clients for over 20 years, and since April 2020 we have expanded our virtual communication capabilities to meet the increasing needs of our clients. The Braskem broadcast was extensive, but not extraordinary in terms of scope. Nor, in Houston, was the pressure to execute a flawless virtual event during extreme weather. We’re used to working under pressure and we understand that what matters most is flawless execution: achieving our clients’ goals while exceeding their expectations.


The robust backup systems to our backup systems meant that patching in speakers from all corners of the USA and modifying their ballroom-sized presentations to the small screen all went off without a hitch. We partnered with Braskem to hold simultaneous rehearsals and live events in our studios to work out any possible glitches. This allowed a smooth, uninterrupted broadcast for Braskem to give heartfelt thanks to their teams, whose tireless efforts produced critical PPE for frontline workers and brought the new Delta production facility online in La Porte, TX.


An entire branded graphics package was tailor-made for this broadcast event. From backgrounds and presenter titles, to transitions and even a pre-event stand-by animation was created to further polish the event and create a cohesive viewer experience.


Also critical to the event’s success was the integration of an interactive engagement platform, that welcomed stakeholders and shareholders to interact with presenters, and supported real-time questions and interaction.

Our business is essential because YOUR business is essential.


We helped create an environment that elevates presentations and delivers messaging effectively in this new and changing environment. A broadcast will never replace an in-person gathering, but a Virtual Broadcast with Staging Solutions puts you in your best light while putting you in front of your audience.


Event coordination support for this project was offered through Staging Solutions partner, Sullivan Group.