Trendspotting: A purpose-built studio and custom branding for virtual global presentations!

While we anticipate a return to face-to-face interaction in the future, travel is still restricted. Yet, company leaders still have a lot to say to their employees and other stakeholders, even if meeting in person isn’t an option.


The  Challenge


What does a global corporation do when top executives working in one location need to get important messaging out to people around the world? And how does a company preserve its identity and personality – and impress its audience – when a spectacular meeting with all the trimmings is a no-go?

The Solution


Let’s face it: Proximity is so 2019.


Staging Solutions offers our clients multiple disciplines under one roof, so our clients can work with one resource to address a variety of design, production, and technology solutions in a safely-distanced world. This holistic approach enables clients to maintain their high standards while communicating in new and innovative ways. 


Two of our valued clients – global leaders in the Oil & Gas and Insurance industries – asked us for virtual broadcast assistance, including a custom studio build for executive-led presentations in Washington state and a custom broadcast from corporate offices in California.  We combined these presentations with additional material for broadcast to stakeholders around the world.  Physical and virtual environments had to be branded and seamlessly integrated, and detailed metrics were requested by both companies to understand who viewed the broadcast and how messaging was received.


Staging designed and constructed custom physical sets in studios in Washington state that were branded to impress.  Our scenic production team was on location during installation, ensuring both a perfect fit and a safe working environment. Meanwhile, back at our home office, our graphic design team worked with both clients’ internal experts to blend the physical spaces with the virtual components for the studio broadcasts.  All communications for these broadcasts were routed through our home office in Houston, TX, and streamed around the world in a seamless integration of live, virtual, and pre-recorded elements. 

Attendees took advantage of online registration, interactive sessions, breakouts, and networking opportunities. Formats featuring single or multiple presenters – some live, some edited just a few days before broadcast – accommodated our clients’ needs, all under the direction of our technical crew in Houston.


Whether sharing new operating information with company representatives, or strategic plans and community impact with potential investors, the enhanced production values and superior technical capability we provide ensure that critical messaging gets out, no matter what the circumstances.


We encourage everyone to be vigilant and stay safe, and to remember that although travel may still be restricted, communication is not:  Let us help you stay in touch! 


And yes, you really can have fun and get great information virtually. Read on to see what attendees had to say:

The Results


· “This is so good. It’s fast, it’s very productive and it’s very effective.”
· “Today’s format is slick! Best Capital Markets Day event of the year. Very smooth”
· “Of the formats of the major oil company presentations (Euro and US) —-this one is by far the best. Well done.”


· “This year’s event was unlike any that we’ve done – planned remotely and delivered virtually – with strong execution throughout. I know that it took a lot of creativity, resourcefulness and teamwork to make this an impactful experience for some of our most important stakeholders. Your collaboration and commitment are truly appreciated.”
· “It was one of the best shows I have personally experienced!”


THIS STAT SAYS IT ALL!!!!! We could not get to a 92% success without Staging Solutions! I am in awe of the hard work and dedication that you put into making this event a Huge win. Thank you for your patience and guidance during the planning process. We were all new to the platform and when we hit a bump you were all there to pave the road. I appreciate your fortitude with all of us as we made many changes and sent you curve balls. We look forward to seeing how we can continue to use this platform in the future.