How to add maximum event flexibility in a smaller room

The annual Levi Strauss & Co. Leadership Summit Kick-Off launches their new year by reviewing targets for sales and financials, and examining new products from a global perspective.  An intimate event by most standards, the meeting is hosted by corporate leadership and designed to be as inspiring and confidence-building as slipping into your favorite pair of jeans.

The Challenge

The meeting, typically anchored by a large, heavy set piece representing the LS&Co. brand, needed greater flexibility for multiple presentations and – dare we say it – a dash of panache. With a concept already in place, and not much room to work with in a small meeting space, how do you make a huge, fresh impact and maintain the classic style of the original?

The Solution

Our solution: A style update! 


We incorporated three distinct floor-to-ceiling LED walls covering one long wall of the ballroom to allow greater flexibility on the stage and a bigger impact on the audience. The design created a seamless backdrop to the presentations and discussions, and camouflaged backstage traffic to accommodate access to and egress from the stage. 


What began as an analog concept similar to that of prior years was transformed by our design team into an immersive experience rooted in technology. The 2020 design maximized the client’s messaging in the venue’s limited space  Every inch of the high-tech surface projected images, colors, and stats – the raw materials for inspiration, and an effective way to engage the company’s elite leadership teams.

The Conclusion

It was a privilege to work with clients who were willing to think out of the box, and trusted us to uphold tradition AND move into the future.


The interactive components we developed for the LED wall paraded in front of the savvy audience of nearly 300 international sales and administrative leaders, wowing the global audience with their style and versatility. A far cry from standard print, the new digital set was definitely dressed to the nines.