How bringing the outside in improves things from the inside out

In order to improve the health of people in Southwest Texas, Memorial Hermann urges their employees to take excellent care of themselves first.  In this “secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others” approach, there was an imperative to make the Memorial Hermann Wellness Festival adjacent to their annual executive leadership meeting both inspiring and energizing.

The Challenge

With a timeline of just a few weeks, how could Staging Solutions transform typical Health Fair content into a CAN’T MISS event?  One that would motivate Memorial Hermann employees to take better care of themselves and lead healthier lives – in effect, to become exemplary to their patients, clients, and colleagues?

The Solution

Staging Solutions provided just what the doctor ordered!  Inspired by outdoor fetes like the Aspen Food & Wine Festival, we designed an interactive destination that offered inspiration for healthy eating, physical fitness, self care and resilience.


Meeting the challenge of conjuring an outdoor destination within the confines of a hotel ballroom, we established the environment with key production values.  Atmospheric lighting, accented with leaf-dappled walls and string lights, was key to setting the tone.  A soundscape featuring background music, insects, and background conversation, provided additional “festival” texture.

Indulgent offerings and a personal touch are the hallmarks of any high-end festival. The meandering path through the space began with a healthy-drink station, where attendees were greeted by smiling volunteers and offered a variety of energizing smoothies.  Healthy food stations established a celebratory tone for the cooking demonstrations that followed.


Scenic pieces, including rustic wooden bars, café tables, wine barrels, and patio umbrellas, extended the theme and created numerous stops along the path for casual, informative interaction; volunteers were strategically placed throughout to provide brochures, flyers, and other information; and stationary bikes, massage chairs, and screenings provided interactive opportunities around the space. Additional scenic pieces such as bedroom furniture for the sleep exhibit, and an arched pergola for the chaplaincy-sponsored spiritual care area, enhanced the atmosphere among the evergreen trees.

The Conclusion

People are likely to resist changing their habits, especially when the recommendations are imperative or punitive.  Establishing a relaxed, welcoming, and celebratory environment was our prescription for success! Within the space, attendees were transported to a natural setting focused on health, wellness, and constructive self-indulgence.