Big Rig Experience Truck

Mobile Marketing Experience

The Opportunity

While producing and managing Diebold Nixdorf’s global sales kickoff event, Staging Solutions was asked to create a showcase for 10 -12 Automatic Teller Machines, In-Lobby Teller Machines, and other self-service financial retail technology in a way that not only put these machines into context for potential users, but also provided access for audiences across North America and – potentially – the globe. The deadlines were tight: nine weeks from start to finish, spanning across the Christmas and New Year holidays.

From concept…

…to completion.

The Solution

The solution was to create an immersive environment for each featured machine’s functionality, in a way that flowed logically and accommodated the showcase’s complete mobility.  Vehicle selection included considerations of space, weight, mobility, scalability, and time, as well as adapting the vehicle to fit the pre-selected venue for the kickoff.


Fabrication was done in house, including designing strategic storage solutions to make the most of the space and securing permanent elements to accommodate the rigors of road travel.

Our canvas was an existing 1,000-sqaure-foot expandable trailer that we redesigned to fit the function. With mood boards, renderings, curated color schemes, and selection of furniture and art, we built the infrastructure that offered guests an engaging experience. The interactive walk-through featured machines in four awe-inspiring environments: Banking, Retail, Financial Insights, and The Future of Banking.


We modified the trailer, usually 13’ 6”, to fit the 13’ 4” space afforded by the venue by installing adjustable air bags.  We also recruited an experienced NASCAR touring driver and used an alternative truck to negotiate smaller streets and other impediments, ensuring that the trailer was perfectly positioned in every location.

The exterior of the truck was an equal design opportunity, and the finished product sported the combined company’s new branding elements in a custom-wrapped cab and trailer. A fast, angular gradient decorated the truck from bumper to bumper to tie it to the design of the kickoff event, and to capture attention on the road. Secondary messaging supported the client’s core brand messaging throughout, including “Driving Innovation” and “Delivering Connected Commerce”.

The Result

After touring the showcase, the 800 Diebold Nixdorf top sales personnel and high-level executives in attendance praised the experience as one that enhanced their product knowledge and would lead to a more effective sales team. They then built the tour that followed the kickoff by answering “Where should this experience go next?”, including suggestions for a European tour in a scaled-down mobile venue appropriate for European destinations.


The mobile experience has traveled to Austin, TX for a client visit; Miami, FL for a board of directors meeting; to Canton, OH for a visit to company headquarters; and ultimately will tour 44 cities across the US.


The guests at the showcase were highly impressed with the quality and finish, as well as the overall impact of the activation. One executive affectionately dubbed the showcase a “Bad Ass Roadshow Truck” (which we love).  Another proclaimed “I can’t even remember the number of times I heard people in the executive leadership group and in marketing comment on how awesome the truck turned out.”


There was much acknowledgement of how we all worked together to pull this off in such a short time, including kudos to us for “…the continued positive attitude and humor…”, as well as this great feedback:  “Truly exceptional work” and “…because of this team, we exceeded everyone’s expectations to provide a Global World Class event to our Sales Force.”