An Award-Winning Solution for Weatherford

Our friends at Weatherford needed to launch a new innovative technology solution, and capture the attention of their audience with featured content and interactive displays and demonstrations.  


The  Challenge


How do you stand out when your opportunity exists on a crowded exhibition floor, surrounded by displays with flashy decor and competing technology?


The Solution


To help Weatherford achieve their goals, we created an activation experience by leveraging technology – in this case, LED walls – to capture and direct the focus of the audience.

The  Activation


The audience’s attention was captured with the product launch: a moment when all screens in the interior and exterior of the booth synchronized to play a countdown and fanfare at the designated moment, setting up executives to introduce the new product to an assembled audience.


The new product space was constructed to isolate and feature the new technology. The black LED walls became holographic with animated images on the low-res LED screen, and appeared solid when brightly lit, thus directing the focus of attendees either within the walls, or outward to the larger space.


The surrounding stand space told the rest of the Weatherford story including current technology solutions (featured on screens, demos, and kiosks) in a space that guided customers through the company’s catalog of offerings and tech solutions. The stand included a collaboration space –  a counter area that featured a dry erase board for staff to talk through tech solutions and how they work for specific customers in response to questions from attendees.

The two distinct but connected spaces were established with the semi-transparent LED wall: From outside the new product space the vibrant imagery and marketing collateral enticed passersby to come explore the new solution and see what it’s about; from inside, attendees were immersed in a technological control-room environment, dark with tailored lighting schemes and directional lighting, getting a behind-the-scenes experience. The result was a product space that felt proprietary and distinct.


A large Aluvision wall created a backdrop for the entire experience: Tall screens displayed a larger-than-life marketing image of a workman looking into the stand, while on the reverse side his back faced a competitor’s booth; this reinforced Weatherford’s marketing slogan to “turn our back on the competition”.


The Results


The stand stood out on the exposition floor, achieving two distinct spaces in a connected environment that both isolated the product launch and reinforced Weatherford’s overall brand and offerings. 


The client was extremely satisfied with the outcome, and Staging Solutions was pleased to learn that the design won a silver World Exhibition Stand Award for Best Stand at a Technology Event.