Health and Safety Policy

Revised: 8.20.2021



Staging Solutions Inc is requiring that all full time employees must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Secondarily, any contractor, vendor or person(s) attendee on behalf of Staging Solutions must be fully vaccinated or have received a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test within 48-hours prior to entry to the event. In attending the event you certify and attest that you and all individuals in your party attending the event will follow the below regulations:


All entrants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (at least two weeks after final dose) and provide proof of vaccination – either the original vaccination card or a printed copy of the vaccination card with an appropriate ID matching the name on your documentation. Or, have received a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test within 48-hours before the event and provide proof of negative result to security prior to entering the venue.


Staging Solutions Inc encourages all guests to practice social distancing when applicable as well as proper mask protocols. We are continuing to follow the notifications provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its Emergency Operations Center(EOC) in order to support public health partners in response to any and all potential inherent risks.


For questions and additional information regarding health checks, please direct to


Thank you for your visiting Staging Solutions, Inc (SSI). SSI’s relationship with our vendors & partners is crucial for our mutual success. With that goal in mind, we have created these protocols to streamline the vendor onboarding process and as friendly reminders to those visiting the office.


Masks and Sanitation Practices:

  • When you enter the premises, masks must be worn.
  • Maintain proper hand washing at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer and surface cleaner has been placed in common areas for use.


Common Areas and Social Distancing:

Breaks – if you need to smoke or vape, please go outside. No more than 4 people on the outside porch with a minimum of 10’ of separation.

  • Please wash your hands before touching anything and when you are finished in all common areas
  • No more than two people in the kitchen at one time.
  • Restrooms should be used one at a time.
  • Wipe down your surfaces at workstation pre and post
  • There should be no walking around and visiting people in their office. If you are walking by each other in the hallway, please try to use a side hallway to walk around the other person.


If you need to have a face-to-face:

  • Try to use the conference room with open door and sitting at opposite lengthwise ends of the conference table.
  • If you need to work on something in someone else’s office (such as fix a technical issue), wearing masks, only one person in the office at a time and wash your hands before and after.
  • No personal contact such as handshaking, closed meeting spaces, hugging, or alike
  • Limit exposure to using your own individual work items.



  • Employees and guests are asked to express any safety concerns to the Staging Solutions team at any time. We want everyone to maintain a safe, comfortable, and effective work environment.
  • Employees must communicate to Management if they test positive or suspect exposure to COVID-19, or if they show symptoms with COVID-19, as identified by the CDC.


Maintain a 6’ distance from others and keep mask on at all times unless you are working in your office with the door closed.