Edward Ruedemann

Edward wears a variety of shapes and sizes and colors of hats in his role as motion designer for Staging Solutions. In pre-production, he writes shooting scripts and screenplays, plus he revises and tightens scripts written by others for media projects, as well as creates storyboards for narrative and training video series.

During production, Edward has three main roles: assistant director, where he organizes logistics of shoots to ensure efficiency on set, crafts shooting schedules, ensures the health and safety of cast and crew, and more; camera operator, where he runs cameras for live events, documentaries, interviews, behind the scenes, industrial, and narrative filmmaking; and audio operator, where he records onsite audio for various media projects. In post-production, as an animator, Edward creates 2-D and 3-D animations using the Adobe suite and Cinema4D; as a compositor, he does digital compositing of special-effect shots using Adobe After Effects and Mocha; and as an editor, he edits video using Adobe Premier and Avid. Additionally, he manages media systems (transferring, organizing, and storing all company-wide media files), oversees the studio (facilitating day-to-day needs of our in-house studio), and supervises media equipment (ensuring all shoots are covered with any equipment that may be needed). His role is widespread and varies day-to-day, project-to-project, but he thrives with many moving parts and multifaceted responsibilities.


Edward Ruedemann is a skilled motion designer with several years of experience in videography and media production. Since March 2013, he has been the motion designer for Staging Solutions,  where he has a hand in all aspects of production (pre-, post-, live, and so on), as well as many in-office responsibilities, such as overseeing the onsite studio, media equipment, and media file systems. Prior to his work for the Houston-based experiential marketing firm, he did freelance videography, video editing, and motion design in the greater metro-Detroit area for seven years. Before that, he did motion design, video editing, and videography for Cinemagrid LLC for just more than a year. He received his certificate in film/cinema/video studies from The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan in 2005.