Navyl Najera

As a designer for Staging Solutions, Navyl utilizes several software programs—including Autocad, SketchUp, Vectorworks, 3D Studio Max, and Adobe Creative Suite—to portray scenic and technical designs, executing the visions of our clients with finesse. He also contributes 3-D models and renderings, as well as technical construction drawings, space planning, and furniture designs for our clients’ events and experiences. These technical and design elements that make up an environment at a specific event carry much of the influence and feel that audiences take away with them and keep them coming back to a particular brand. He consistently provides detail-oriented design to the team and our clients alike, and he thrives under a tight deadline and fast turnaround.

A spring 2013 graduate from the Art Institute of Houston with a BFA in Interior Design, Navyl Najera began her professional career at Staging Solutions,  an experiential marketing firm in Houston, as an administrative and design-support intern. From April until July 2013, she provided administrative solutions such as organizing files and taking inventory of office supplies, and she also assisted with building shells and furniture plans, picking out furniture according to a client’s particular need or theme of event. She was offered a role as designer for Staging Solutions following her internship, and she currently produces scenic designs, technical layouts, 3-D modeling and rendering, technical construction drawings, and more. Navyl is a skilled communicator (in both English as well as Spanish), is self-driven and -motivated, and is outgoing with a strong sense of self.