Elias Swinehart

In the Biz since: 2006


Elias’s story begins with music: He attended the Institute for the Recording Arts and worked as a system tech and monitor engineer.  Stints with PA Entertainment Group and Bottle and Cork exposed him to FOH engineering, production management, mixing, and systems and crew management.  He expanded his skills to include post audio production for video, and freelanced for production companies, theaters, and colleges.  His last full-time gig before joining Staging Solutions in 2015 was with JPL Productions.


Elias leads our event teams from load in through load out, seeing to details in resource management, quality control, production specifications, and event execution.  When he’s not working, Elias nurtures his borderline-obsessive passion for cars, appreciating the symphony that occurs when all the right parts are working together to their full potential.


Elias serves as a Production Manager and Technical Director.