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What Is Experiential Marketing?

As a consumer, which of the following two scenarios sounds like a more worthwhile experience? An event in a dull conference room, with fluorescent lighting humming overhead and an agenda of PowerPoint presentations lined up for the day? Or: an immersive event with interactivity, entertainment, engaging music, and branded video and artwork displayed through-out.   The great majority of us would prefer the latter, and the team at Staging Solutions provided these precise elements to the Houston Chapter of American Marketing Association’s annual Marketer of the Year Awards ceremony in 2016.   At its core, Staging Solutions creates extraordinary brand experiences that produce results. We rely heavily on impacting and motivating people through interactive visuals, content, and media.   This is the heart of experiential marketing. It goes beyond the black-and-white of typical, grassroots marketing techniques—i.e., press releases, social media posts, or media pitches. Through creative solutions and thoughtful execution, Staging Solutions crafts experiences that activate...

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