Nick Hoban

As Lead Editor at Staging Solutions Inc., Nick gets to create impactful and memorable video pieces for the events and highlights of live shows that we produce, capturing the mood and the message of some of our most revered clients. He has worked on a variety of projects from training, instructional, case studies, interviews, and high energy highlight reels. He enjoys telling our client’s stories and making them meaningful.

Nick grew up with a passion for creating movies, which led him to study Television and Digital Media Production at Ferris State University. Soon after graduating he began working full-time at Color Bars, a production house in Detroit, filling different roles such as Assistant Editor and Camera Operator. He then had the opportunity to work on Gran Torino and several independent feature films as a locations scout. He found his place back in the post-production world, discovering his new found love for color correction/grading, which is still his favorite part of the job. Nick joined the Staging Solutions team after moving to Texas in 2012 and continues to prove himself as a proficient storyteller and technically sound editor. While Nick has been at Staging Solutions for the past five years, he’s shown initiative by taking on projects with the roles of Director and Producer.