GRB Virtual Studio Inquiry

These guidelines have been adopted and implemented with our clients in mind. We are here to make your experience at the George R. Brown Convention Center the best ever! Please share with us a few details to ensure this happens.

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We prefer to eliminate problems before they arise: If there are any questions related to the Virtual Studio at the GRB, please contact us at or by filling out the form and we will be back in touch with as soon as possible.

Virtual Studio Execution


In the GRB Studio’s basic setup, you walk into a room already complete with:

  • A full video-switching system and engineering bay capable of mixing presentation content, camera feeds, and matrix routing
  • A 36 instrument moving-light package for stage washes, environmental effects, and backdrop décor, already installed and rigged in the ceiling
  • An 11’ x 20’ LED Wall to serve as a digital backdrop, set piece, or virtual green-screen studio
  • (2) 4K Capable Robotic Cameras to ensure safe-distancing practices while capturing stellar footage, with options for expanding to manned cameras
  • 4 HD Recorders to handle camera feeds, program cuts, and presentation content
  • A robust audio system with digital matrix switching needed for streaming live events
  • An Epiphan Pearl streaming appliance for one-way feed delivery to any streaming platform