Jerry Segovia

As the lighting engineer at Staging Solutions, Jerry is the go-to guy for all things audio-visual maintenance, organization, and setup. Because we are an experiential marketing organization, our clients trust us to meticulously plan and design events and experiences that are technologically comprehensive, and that starts with an organized warehouse, thorough transportation logistics, proper management of supplier information, and adept know-how for ordering proper and financially sound show materials and consumables—all of which fall under Jerry’s responsibilities. He coordinates the technical logistics in our warehouse and for every experience we have a hand in.

Jerry is an audio-visual expert, and that could be putting it lightly. Before becoming the lighting engineer at Staging Solutions,  where he organizes and coordinates all things digital for client events and experiences, he was a freelance audio-visual technician for a year-and-a-half, and prior to that, he worked as a lighting engineer for Bright Star Productions, an entertainment company in Houston, for nearly 11 years. He is both OSHA certified and CM-ET RTC Motor certified.