Frances Coburn

With a role such as production manager for an experiential marketing firm, she is the coordinator and ringmaster of several parts that are moving at all times. We produce technologically advanced and expertly executed events and experiences for our clients, and she synchronizes many of the details behind each and every event. Whether it’s setting up equipment vendors, hiring extra labor, scoping out venues and their logistics, or activating clients’ visions in a timely and cost-effective manner, she aspires to create the best and most impactful experience for each client, large and small.

Coordinating and executing live and intricate events and experiences are a specialty of Frances Coburn’s, and it all began well before she became the production manager for Staging Solutions, in April 2013. Prior to planning and implementing events for the experiential marketing company, she worked with various clients as a self-employed live sound and production engineer since 1999. Frances is an expert at juggling the many batons it takes to throw a fruitful live event, all the way from the most impeccable sound and light quality to hiring the most ideal equipment vendors and necessary additional labor.